Finding the Right Therapist in Montana

Very often people don't seek out therapy as soon as something goes wrong or they encounter a trauma.  Some people wait years.  You struggle and perhaps talk with friends, perhaps keep it all to yourself.  You try to use your coping skills, perhaps buy a book or two, but you are a Montanan.  You are independent.  You try to "get it together."  Only when nothing else works do you reach out to see if therapy might help.

How to find a therapist.png

But how do you find a therapist in Montana?

Well, you can start with Google.  Google will list a number of therapists and many will have websites you can peruse and get an idea if they would be a good match for you.

You can also ask friends and family if they know of someone they think might fit.  Often people you know will have seen a therapist or know someone who has and they can recommend someone.  While this can be a great source, many people don't really want to ask friends and family. 

So you can ask you physician for a referral.  They are often aware of the therapists in the area. If your physician knows you well, they might even be able to recommend someone that would be a really good match.

Another option is to check a website called Psychology Today.  You can go straight there, enter in your city and state and find a list of local therapists.  That website is and the service is completely free to you.

Now keep in mind that psychotherapy is very personal and the training, experience, and even personality of the therapist will affect how they approach therapy.  This means that you aren't only looking for the person with the most training or most experience, but you are looking for someone you feel comfortable speaking with.  If one doesn't feel right, that doesn't mean therapy doesn't work, it just means you might need to find someone who is a better fit for you.