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I spent seven years in Iraq and Afghanistan as a military contractor and the picture to the left was taken in a bunker in Kabul Afghanistan during my time there.  I served as an Accountant and Manager overseas, but that experience inspired me to become a psychotherapist to help military members transition home successfully.  Experiencing this transition myself and working with service members helped me understand how trauma, depression, and anxiety is different for those in service. I also trained in Natural Health and Functional Medicine to help expose some of the physical aspects of mental health.  This ensures you are getting the support needed to help you achieve great mental and emotional health.

I will provide you a complementary consultation prior to your first appointment if you’d like.  This is your opportunity to learn if this is a good match to share your journey. Some of my education is listed here.

  • Associates Degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Technology from SUNY Cobleskill in upstate New York 

  • Bachelor’s Degree is in Business Management – Finance from Utah State University

  • Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University

  • Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

  • Certified Mental Health Integrated Medicine Practitioner

  •   This diverse educational trail has been very helpful in bringing together the many aspects of a healthy life and helps her to connect with many different people.

When I’m not working, I can be seen riding the family Victory motorcycle, gardening, hiking, shooting, and enjoying the wonderful Montana countryside.  In winter though, I hibernate and spend time indoors with our aquariums, crafts, and a roaring fire in the woodstove.


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Clients will often see “Joey,” our office companion who enjoys greeting and sitting with clients. Yes, he looks like a Chihuahua, but he is actually a Xoloitzcuintli / Papillion cross and when he isn’t at work, he will be on the motorcycle right along with us!

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