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 Each and every day you devote your time to taking care of other people.  You save lives every day.  You are among those heroes that are taken for granted every day because when people need you, they know without a doubt that you are there.  You see people at their worst, their most frightened, and their most vulnerable, and you take care of the emergency. 

But now you aren’t sleeping well, you are moody, you might not be as compassionate, and you just don’t feel like yourself… in a big way.  You are at risk for both primary and secondary trauma.  Primary is of course when the trauma happens to you.  Secondary though, is when you are hearing about or working with individuals with trauma.  Compassion fatigue is another risk that is on that trauma spectrum.  Compassion fatigue is when all of the “little events” add us and you just feel burned out and have lost your compassion.

You don’t have to continue like this.  I specialize, not only in trauma, but your kind of trauma.  My clients are heroes.  Give me a call today at 406-272-4545 and let’s see what we can do to help you so you can continue helping others.